“Our system was archaic and piecemealed together. He went to management and explained how it was costing us more money to have him come in and troubleshoot things. The new network was instantly faster, ran smoother, and made sharing files easier!”

-Chase & Weil LLP, B Colvill

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Home Services

  • Networks
    • DSL/Cable internet setup
    • Wired
    • Wireless
      • Secure wireless networks
    • Set-up network devices
      • Desktop/laptop computers
      • Printers
      • Storage
      • Media players
      • Game systems
  • Data backup
    • One-time data backup
    • Scheduled data backups
    • On-line data backups
    • Data migration
    • System recovery media creation
  • Data recovery
    • Deleted file recovery
    • Corrupted file recovery
    • Hardware failure data recovery
    • Password recovery
      • Windows
      • Zip file
      • QuickBooks
      • Microsoft Office documents
    • Windows CD Key recovery
    • Secure data destruction

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